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TAX LIENS UNLEASHED offers comprehensive information on investing in tax deed properties and tax lien certificates, including answers to frequently asked questions.

You will receive 2 ebooks, our Over-the-Counter Guide, links to county lists for purchasing liens/deeds without traveling, over 25 premium reports covering various tax lien and deed investing topics, over 30 resources for identifying upcoming tax sales (including online auctions), and more!

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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Here are the answers to just a few of the frequently asked questions we cover in TAX LIENS UNLEASHED.

Question: What happens to the mortgage when you purchase a tax deed?
Answer: The short answer is that the mortgage is typically extinguished or removed (except in New Mexico and some Pennsylvania sales). Find out more in TAX LIENS UNLEASHED.

Question: Can anyone buy tax lien certificates?
Answer: All states require the bidder at a sale to have a social security number or a U.S. federal tax I.D. number. Some states will not allow foreign entities to make purchases. Many states require that if you live in their state your own property taxes must be paid in full before you bid. In some cases, only large institutions may be the first allowed bidders.

Question: Do you start earning interest on tax liens immediately after purchasing them?
Answer: Interest begins accruing immediately, but you don't receive your money until the certificate is redeemed. In some states interest accrues monthly; there are other states that have minimum interest fees that you earn regardless of when the certificate is redeemed.


Learn how to invest in tax liens and deeds.

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